Week ending Sunday 2010/05/02

Tuesday 09:25

made it 20 minutes into the day before cow-orker starts up about the weekend's football [Original.]

Tuesday 11:54

15C outside so what happens? the air-conditioning has decided to come on and cool the office further [Original.]

Wednesday 09:16

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-21-generic: scheduled power outage [Original.]

Wednesday 09:20

I subscribed to daddyk67's channel on YouTube www.youtube.com/user/daddyk67?feature=autoshare_twitter [Original.]

Wednesday 09:21

which capricious god decides that the battery in a smoke alarm will go flat at 02:50 and then BEEP every five minutes? [Original.]

Wednesday 09:29

coffee tastes funny... oh, that'd be the off milk. #BUGGER [Original.]

Thursday 08:47

#Oakleigh station surrounds recovered in crap graffiti and tags, oh well, at least its better than broken glass and syringes [Original.]

Thursday 09:05

"Absolute political cowardice... an absolute failure of leadership." so said Krudd re. climate change inaction, pot, kettle, black, #FAIL [Original.]

Thursday 10:08

vendor claims yesterday they emailed me twice, phoned once, left voice mail. vs I received: No email, no phone call, no voice mail [Original.]

Thursday 10:39

@cos lofihifi.me/im-having-my-record-collection-melted-down/ [Original, responding to @Cos.]

Thursday 12:06

@ben www.brickset.com/detail/?set=8683-4 [Original, responding to @ben.]

Thursday 13:43

@enyap_ynot what a load of crap [Original, responding to @enyap_ynot.]

Thursday 13:53

aha! has service call escalated rather than relegated. thank you vendor X... or is that "N"? [Original.]

Thursday 19:55

@ben, @dogcow and @ everyone else on foursquare who keeps telling me where they are -- I'm at home, in the kitchen, with a glass of red [Original, responding to @ben.]

Thursday 19:57

@Cos was wondering whether @ben was just fussy and/or couldn't get a table [Original, responding to @Cos.]

Thursday 22:27

@DKLeather or www.giantpanda.org.au/index.php/pandacam/103-panda-cam-wang-wang-live-streaming-video-of-adelaide-zoos-giant-pandas.html for the panda at Adelaide - except its night time now [Original, responding to @DKLeather.]

Friday 09:40

has issued himself a challenge [Original.]

Friday 09:43

I just unlocked the "Newbie" badge on @foursquare! foursquare.com/user/ajft/badges/2410501 [Original.]

Friday 09:43

I'm at Monash University Building 28. foursquare.com/venue/1855097 [Original.]

Friday 11:46

"worst case thinking" vs "risk analysis" www.spiked-online.com/index.php/site/article/8607/ [Original.]

Friday 12:16

@dogcow @ben www.brickset.com/detail/?set=8683-12 [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Friday 13:30

headcold + wasabi on lunch = major nose failure [Original.]

Friday 14:02

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-21-generic: ubuntu 10.04 update [Original.]

Friday 14:23

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-22-generic: why not, seems like a good idea [Original.]

Friday 22:25

Dear google chrome, when you say "remember password" I'd really like it if you, um, remembered the password, rather than FORGETTING IT [Original.]

Friday 23:00

11 o'clock on a friday night, drinking tea, spraying oven cleaner in t' oven. How the mighty are fallen. [Original.]

Saturday 15:57

#chadstone; where the air smells so sickly sweet you can get diabetes by shopping. Mindless hordes doing #Melbourne suburbia #zombieshuffle [Original.]

Saturday 19:24

must be rockling day; had red curried rockling din-dins in this part of the world (@dogcow)yfrog.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 17:40

awakes BEEP from an afternoon nap BEEP and goes to get the ladder so BEEP he can change the BEEP battery in the smoke alarm... again [Original.]

Sunday 20:26

hears a steam-train coming, races out to the end of the street.... missed it by that much. [Original.]

Sunday 21:53

OMG what imbecile turned the daleks into day-glo coloured obese bumper cars? [Original.]