My current backup regime is to use rdup to maintain daily archives on two external USB drives; one attached directly to fafnir at home, one attached to my PC at work. Once I got it all setup, cron takes care of the details and I only have to intervene when things go wrong.

Problems come up if I add large amounts of data at once, if rdup is updated and its data-file format changes — necessitating a complete backup rather than an incremental — bandwidth is never enough and it irks me to have to upload data that I know already exists at the other end. Rearranging existing files also causes problems, so yesterday I brought the USB drive home, did a little configuration file dance, backed everything up locally, then today took the drive back to work and redid the little configuration dance.

  1. copy the config. file to match the drive when mounted locally

    cd ~/.rdup cp list.fafnir.ssh:${USER}@nidhogg_media_LaCie_fafnir
    list.fafnir._media_LaCie_fafnir cp timestamp.fafnir.ssh:

  2. do the backup

    cd ~ rdup-simple -E ~/.rdup/excludes.fafnir.lst -v -x /home /media/LaCie/fafnir

  3. copy the config. file to match the drive when mounted at the remote end

    cd ~/.rdup cp list.fafnir._media_LaCie_fafnir
    list.fafnir.ssh:${USER}@nidhogg_media_LaCie_fafnir cp timestamp.fafnir._media_LaCie_fafnir