Week ending Sunday 2010/05/09

Monday 10:50

#convalescing on the couch with a large mug of tea and the Jesus & Mary Chain [Original.]

Monday 18:05

More bullshit from #AusPost, door-bell rings, when I get there they've dumped a parcel on the front path and pissed off [Original.]

Monday 20:01

RT @KevinRuddPM: "People like Bill deserve protection from unfair dismissal." Nah, we all deserve protection from Mr Kevin-BACKFLIPPING RUDD [Original.]

Tuesday 09:20

Happy star wars day everyone [Original.]

Tuesday 09:30

Is there a market here for a stylish 8' 19" timber equipment rack? www.engadget.com/2010/05/03/wooden-level-eleven-pc-gets-inspiration-from-thermaltake-level-1/ [Original.]

Tuesday 09:53

@ben @dogcow @kml "are there any sun servers here?" via new cow-orker [Original, responding to @ben.]

Tuesday 09:57

@ben found one we have [Original, responding to @ben.]

Tuesday 13:33

when oh when will the various authors of forum s/w start using #OpenID or facebook connect or google etc. so I can cut down on accounts [Original.]

Tuesday 15:27

#Melbourne weather deteriorating to something 'orrible. not looking fwd to the ride home [Original.]

Tuesday 15:59

black as pitch, black as night, black as the ace of spades, oh yeah, and thunder too. cycling home will be so much fun [Original.]

Wednesday 09:55

@ben "Runaway race goat injures woman" www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/04/2889482.htm [Original, responding to @ben.]

Wednesday 10:28

can't hear the diesel generator over the shouting in the open-plan office. #noise #fail [Original.]

Wednesday 12:15

big bang theory of Monash Uni p-plate student driver parking. Fail to make the t-intersection, hits three cars. #FAIL [Original.]

Wednesday 12:19

very very nearly says "grow a backbone" in a meeting... resists [Original.]

Wednesday 12:54

mindless racist prattle from cow-orkers. #STFU [Original.]

Wednesday 13:58

goes ego surfing to find blogs using his flickr photos.. what fun what fun [Original.]

Thursday 09:01

CAUTION: may contain traces of headache [Original.]

Thursday 09:59

@ben en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mock_turtle_soup [Original, responding to @ben.]

Thursday 17:25

Holgate Nut Brown ale, AAAaaaaahhhhh [Original.]

Friday 08:27

@wally I not having a flu injection because I petrified of needles. ps most people are stoopid, ignore them, they go away [Original, responding to @wally.]

Friday 19:48

has heard that the UK parliament is well hung... is confused by this [Original.]

Sunday 12:24

watched Banlieue 13 / District 13 on SBS last night, first TV movie I've seen for months. Much enjoyablement [Original.]