Week ending Sunday 2010/05/30

Monday 09:46

cow-orkers are discussing the footy, I'm reading about Martin Gardiner (RIP). "Who'se that?" they ask... [Original.]

Monday 11:47

crashes Lotus Notes - aha, it must be monday, or indeed any other day of the week ending in "y" [Original.]

Monday 16:27

has heard the "in terms of" buzzphrase one too many times this afternoon, may have to preserve sanity by leaving [Original.]

Tuesday 12:00

tries to find something on the Monash ITS website by navigation alone... and fails [Original.]

Tuesday 12:03

Aha finds something on the Monash ITS website by navigation alone! verb - noun not noun - verb works this time. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:30

Battles with Nokia software updater 2.5.2 - new version, just like old version, cannot connect Nokia software to Nokia phone via Nokia cable [Original.]

Tuesday 18:35

rides home in the rain with adjusted brakes and new brake shoes - now with extra stoppage and less SQUEEEEEEEAL. ps. Avoids monster rat [Original.]

Wednesday 09:27

feels desperately nostalgic for his Katana 1000 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35

loses himself in a mire of unnavigable web pages [Original.]

Wednesday 11:52

Childcare centre and your billing mysteries, how do I love thee.. let me count the ways. Will pay bill when you tell me HOW TO PAY BILL! [Original.]

Wednesday 14:24

cow-orker whinging because cow-orker unable to manage cow-orker's leave, obviously someone else's fault [Original.]

Wednesday 14:48

#WOFTAM! discovers a server that was built HURRY HURRY over a year ago AND HAS NEVER BEEN USED. ROI of -BIG_NUMBER. #GreenIT #JOKE [Original.]

Wednesday 18:17

tells toddler, "no more, you've eaten them all." toddler tells dad "buy more. go shops" Can't argue with the logic... [Original.]

Thursday 08:57

wrenches back swerving to avoid jaywalker - lady, next time step in front of a bus not my bike [Original.]

Thursday 10:10

Not just for cyclists - why all pedestrians should wear helmets all the time! www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/news/Helmet-saves-bus-collision-cyclist-way-school/article-2210789-detail/article.html [Original.]

Thursday 11:12

would like whinging cow-orker to stop whinging ... #STFU [Original.]

Thursday 13:29

RT @pmcneil: @ajft wtf was the bus driver doing - bus driver was ignoring road laws, like bus drivers the world over. #biggerthanyou [Original.]

Thursday 13:30

lunch time guiness was good guiness - ah, a long time between pints [Original.]

Thursday 13:36

#fact The Zapata rail was first discovered by ornithologist James Bond whose name author Ian Fleming appropriated for his famous British spy [Original.]

Thursday 15:44

gets told new top-top priority project and starts rearranging titanic deck chairs accordingly [Original.]

Friday 13:01

has just been bitten on the thumb by a musk lorikeet he rescued after its failed window-ramming exercise - no good deed goes unpunished [Original.]

Friday 14:17

RT @VictoriaPolice: "I will chuck a BRICK through the windscreen of the next driver I see on the phone" #FatalityFreeFriday #wishfulthinking [Original.]

Friday 18:12

rides home managing to not be run into by any of the pissed bogans or mobile-phone wielding 4WD businessmen on the roads #fatalityfreefriday [Original.]

Friday 19:13

baba mouton noir... red wine and multi-lingual nursery rhymes reduce the house occupants to tears 'o laughter [Original.]

Saturday 14:09

imgur.com/tbMVk #myki, 1) $1.3 billion dollars down the drain, 2) it doesn't f'ing work, 3) it runs on Windows CE - epic #FAIL [Original.]

Saturday 19:47

Fresh grilled garfish, beans, carrots, spuds and a glass 'o vino and the pleasure of watching a toddler scoff the lot. err. except the vino [Original.]

Saturday 21:17

RT @dogcow: LOL CUDA and FEM www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxqb8XQ5t3M - disturbing images of bouncing red rubber poo [Original.]

Sunday 20:08

has shiny new lump of whitegoods sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor -- all hail the new fridge [Original.]

Sunday 21:20

is running out of disk space... again. [Original.]