Week ending Sunday 2010/08/01

Monday 20:15

tries to find some sort of timely information on da work intranet -- fails once again. something? anything? nothing! [Original.]

Wednesday 10:46

attends meeting, discovers that all people present in last meeting had "misinterpreted" information presented - goal posts vanish into fog [Original.]

Wednesday 11:20

aha, systems are allowed to live on past their "drop-dead date". zombie servers r us... [Original.]

Wednesday 14:42

Dell's fraud settlement explodes PC market myths reg.cx/1K0P [Original.]

Wednesday 15:47

Flippin' 'eck it is COLD in this new office here in Dilbertland [Original.]

Wednesday 16:29

amused to see Lotus Notes now referred to as "legacy email system" - roll on googlemail migration... waiting waiting... [Original.]

Wednesday 19:00

From @engadget: www.engadget.com/2010/07/23/commodore-amiga-celebrates-its-25th-birthday-andy-warhol-still/ [Original.]

Wednesday 21:31

Yeehaa, manages to cause Windows7 #BSOD. How stupid of me to think that Windoze could rename a folder without crashing [Original.]

Thursday 09:54

new day, aircon going down down down, we're looking at cryogenic cow-orkers in 3 hours... [Original.]

Thursday 10:02

@kml reckon we'll burn some books soon - Sun and Novell manuals would be topical [Original, responding to @kml.]

Thursday 12:24

leaving this icebox to go for lunch. Soup methinks, hot hot soup [Original.]

Thursday 15:02

Ah, airconditioner man visits office, claims it is currently 15C in here, goes away and twiddles airconditioner man knobs. we wait. [Original.]

Thursday 15:18

20 minutes past purported start of one hour meeting, 50% of "confirmed" staff don't turn up or call up. #WOFTAM [Original.]

Friday 09:31

According to @Klout, @ajft is a Twitter casual. What kind of Twitter user are you? klout.com/ajft [Original.]