Week ending Sunday 2010/08/08

Monday 10:14


Monday 12:04

cow-orkers exhibit astounding lack of knowledge of probability [Original.]

Tuesday 09:07

a tale of two trucks; absolute prat in little delivery truck, decent bloke in a LINFOX semi, such is life cycling in melbourne [Original.]

Tuesday 10:06

@droo no, but i suspect it was. 10:06:19 up 4 min, 1 user, load average: 4.12, 3.14, 1.34 [Original, responding to @droo.]

Tuesday 11:28

@SBSNews shifts tact or shifts tack? grammatically we wonders... [Original, responding to @SBSNews.]

Tuesday 16:43

@dogcow www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/08/03/2972371.htm [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Wednesday 12:58

amused by the way cow-orkers refer to money spent gambling as "an investment" [Original.]

Wednesday 16:27

was told last week that something earth shattering would be revealed yesterday. #nothinghappened [Original.]

Wednesday 17:14

Adrian Please copy and paste this to your status if you know someone, or have been affected by someone, who needs ... www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717182007&story_fbid=144930012200673 [Original.]

Wednesday 20:10

goes for the mcgyver award; broken $3 child's toy, a tube contact cement and a small square of sandpaper [Original.]

Wednesday 21:21

@Krankschaft Melbourne. Cold rain falling, no change here on the flipside [Original, responding to @Krankschaft.]

Thursday 14:08

An old friend -- Robbie the Robot appears on the RRR radiothon poster ... www.rrr.org.au/radiothon/ [Original.]

Thursday 15:15

#TOIAEIA -- before stealing copper wire ensure that copper wire has no electricity inside -- www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/4642-men-charged-over-copper-theft.html [Original.]

Thursday 19:44

Someone please tell me how an electric car is "green" in a place where electricity comes from burning brown coal! www.theage.com.au/national/households-power-up-for-electric-cars-20100805-11k2a.html [Original.]

Thursday 21:22

@pmcneil not convinced. plus transmission losses, plus vic. power is brown coal not black, and from 40 yo. power stations [Original, responding to @pmcneil.]

Thursday 21:55

digg sometimes is good for something, randomly en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Malcolm_Thorpe_Fleming_Churchill now there's a character! [Original.]

Friday 11:15

presenter two says "going forward" twice as often as presenter one says "going forward". #businessspeak #gibberish #goingforward [Original.]

Friday 15:37

Sit. think. watch. pinktentacle.com/2010/08/animated-map-of-nuclear-explosions-1945-1998/ [Original.]

Friday 16:28

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-24-generic: ubuntu patch [Original.]

Saturday 18:10

is anticipating the imminent arrival of slow cooked lamb shanks [Original.]

Saturday 20:39

@kml nom nom nom ... excellent, with just a little zing from the sambal oelek (sp?) [Original, responding to @kml.]

Saturday 20:42

Eek, has been auto-responded by a spelling twitter [Original.]