According to my GPS1, here’s my ride report for :

January 2011
Count 23 Activities
Distance 443.85 km
Time 23:26:51 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 3,851 m
Avg Speed 18.9 km/h
Avg HR 133 bpm
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence
Calories 16,589 C

The grand total so far for is:

…exactly the same as the monthly total.

I didn’t quite get to 500 km, although my log on seems to be closer, at 485 km. It needed another 15 km on , but with the temperature up around 40 °C there was no way I was going out for a ride! Still, managed to do almost double the distance of January last year!


1 As always, two or three times I forgot to restart it for the ride home from work.