Wasting time as usual I spotted a reference to http://30daysofbiking.com/ and being a sucker for registering on yet-another site decided to give it a go … well five days a week is easy, that’s just commuting, the hard bit will be finding time, nay, making time, on the weekends and over the Easter break to go out for a ride..

Now how am I going to do this? Probably just twitter updates, and maybe a photo or two into the Flickr group.


  1. Day 1 of the challenge… 27km in the autumn sun. #30daysofbiking — 26.78km.
  2. Despite a real-estate agent induced headache I dragged myself out for a pleasant 33km on the bike. Day 2; #30daysofbiking — 33.78km.
  3. #30daysofbiking day 3 - morning outing to Packer park, 8km, but better than nowt — 8.71km.
  4. 430 done, 14km commuting in the gloom that is post-dst Melburn. #30daysofbiking — 14.73km.
  5. Second commute day of non-daylight-shavings, a still autumn evening, sunny, no wind, wonderful out on the bike. #30daysofbiking — 14.38km.
  6. Go west young man… just not at this time along that road. #squinty ride home tonight. #30daysofbiking — 15.15km.
  7. Gardiners Creek Trail – #30daysofbiking #typo http://instagr.am/p/C6DWN/ — 28.83km
  8. More brilliant autumn weather, a minor detour and a 14km commute turns into 61km of smiles. #30daysofbiking — 61.70km
  9. itty-bitty bike ride, 6km to childcare for parents’ working bee (then 6km home) #30daysofbiking — 12.90km
  10. Despite using tandem & roofrack to prune 3m branch while driving, rode 55km of MAD ride and organized transport home #30daysofbiking — 55km
  11. Despite legs of lead from oncoming cold and yesterday’s MAD ride, we rode. we always ride. we rode to work, we rode home. #30daysofbiking — 14.39km
  12. rides up behind someone at all of 10km/hr, rings bell, guy ignores me, ride past, guy yells “RING YOUR BELL OR SOMETHING!” #daydream #30daysofbiking — 5.16km
  13. Bronchitis and bedrest put paid to #30daysofbiking … maybe tomorrow, maybe next month
  14. Commute — 14.36km

  15. Commute — 14.33km

  16. Commute — 14.43km

  17. Lorne chores necessitated a quick run down the hill — 2.42km

  18. Lorne to Wye river along the Great Ocean Road … and back — 36.36km

  19. Old Beechy rail trail, Gellibrand to Barangarook then a visit to Otway Estate brewery for an ale, return via roads and rail trails — 40.94km

  20. Timboon to Cobden on the Timboon rail trail, return via the roads — 45.75km


Coffee, #30daysofbiking
Coffee, #30daysofbiking by ajft, on Flickr
Gardiners Creek Trail -- #30daysofbiking
Gardiners Creek Trail -- #30daysofbiking by ajft, on Flickr
Is goat, is good
Is goat, is good by ajft, on Flickr


So how did it all go? Catching the plague was not in my plans, being laid up in bed for most of a week completely ruined my chances of making 3030 so I gave up on making the extra effort for the harder days. The Easter break was always going to make it troublesome, especially going away on a driving holiday, but I’d thought I’d manage to squeeze a ride in here and there each day.

All up it was 19 of the 30 days, somewhere between 450 and 460km depending on what I recorded and when I remembered to switch on the bike computer. Probably ought to try harder next year.