My ride report for October 2011:

My 5000km for the year is looking a little hard to reach at the moment. As one of the stats analysers says – so far I’ve done 3848.03km at 17.67km/h :

  • A distance of 1151.97 km remains.
  • At current average speed, 65.2 hours of ride time required.
  • An average daily distance of 19.20 km required.
  • I should have completed a distance of 4191.78 km by today.

According to

Period Time Distance (km) Avg Speed (km/h) Ride Count
October 00:44:19 305.24 24.38 21

According to Garmin

Or here they are according to my GPS and for the month and for the year to date1:

October 2011 2011
Count 21 Activities 219 Activities
Distance 305.23 km 3,699.08 km
Time 17:25:10 h:m:s 212:18:31 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 3,240 m 39,405 m
Avg Speed 17.5 km/h 17.4 km/h
Avg HR 136 bpm
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence


1 As always, sometimes I forgot to start the bike computer.