ajft.org 2012-03-14

Ride report for February 2012

Just in case you – or I – are wondering, I had almost a month's worth of fun with my ISP and didn't get my riding logs sorted out until halfway through March, so that's why this page is late.

According to my GPS, here's my ride report for February 2012:

Progress: 16% – 833.30 km at 17.43 km/h

  • A distance of 4366.70 km remains.
  • At current average speed, 250.5 hours of ride time required.
  • An average daily distance of 14.51 km required.
  • You should have completed a distance of 914.29 km by today.

From Garmin for the month:

  Feb 2012
Count 19 Activities
Distance 301.40 km
Time 17:00:08 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 3,259 m
Avg Speed 17.7 km/h
Avg HR --
Avg Run Cadence --
Avg Bike Cadence --
Calories 13,773 C

From Garmin for the year:

Count 45 Activities
Distance 806.05 km
Time 46:23:20 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 8,317 m
Avg Speed 17.4 km/h
Avg HR --
Avg Run Cadence --
Avg Bike Cadence --
Calories 34,456 C

On track for 5200km for the year (100km per week)? Only just, I'd hoped that I could squeeze a few more rides in on the weekends. I suspect it needs planning, rather than just hoping.