I set myself the goal of riding 5200km in 2012, that’s 100km a week for anyone who thinks it an unusual number. Most of my rides are recorded on my Garmin Edge 705, although sometimes I forget to turn it on, or more rarely, can’t find it and ride to work without it.

Tracked on http://mycyclinglog.com

Progress: 34%

  • 1783.20 km at 17.57 km/h
  • A distance of 3416.80 km remains.
  • At current average speed, 194.5 hours of ride time required.
  • An average daily distance of 15.89 km required.
  • You should have completed a distance of 2142.86 km by today.

From Garmin for the month:

May 2012
Count 25 Activities
Distance 349.60 km
Time 20:27:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 3,686 m
Avg Speed 17.1 km/h
Avg HR
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence
Calories 14,757 C

From Garmin for the year:

Count 112 Activities
Distance 1,770.13 km
Time 101:19:37 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 18,504 m
Avg Speed 17.5 km/h
Avg HR
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence
Calories 75,831 C

Am I still on track for 5200km? I still seem to be slipping further behind, haven’t recovered from April’s low and probably didn’t even make May’s target. If previous years are anything to go by it’ll be unlikely that I do any extra riding and catch back up.