I set myself the goal of riding 5200km in 2012, that’s 100km a week for anyone who thinks it an unusual number. Most of my rides are recorded on my Garmin Edge 705, although sometimes I forget to turn it on, or the firmware has wedged itself and I cannot turn it on, or more rarely, can’t find it and ride to work without it.

Tracked on http://mycyclinglog.com

Progress: 66%

  • 3439.70 km at 18.39 km/h
  • A distance of 1760.30 km remains.
  • At current average speed, 95.7 hours of ride time required.
  • An average daily distance of 18.93 km required.
  • You should have completed a distance of 3885.71 km by today.

From Garmin for the month and the year

Sep 2012 2012
Count 26 Activities 212 Activities
Distance 558.18 km 3,397.17 km
Time 28:02:40 h:m:s 189:33:09 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 6,422 m 36,627 m
Avg Speed 19.9 km/h 17.9 km/h
Avg HR 139 bpm 139 bpm
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence
Calories 22,604 C 145,043 C

Still behind my target, but my cunning plan of actually going out and riding my bike rather than optimistically wanting to ride my bike seems to be working.