2012 cycling wrap up

Increased both the target distance and the percentage completed in the last year; up from 5000km to 5200km, and completed 97%, up from 94%. Still plenty of room for improvement though. It would have been worse but I forced myself out for three last gasp rides, one on [2012-12-30 Sun] and then two on [2012-12-31 Mon].

According to my GPS, here’s my ride report for December 2012 and for all of 2012:

From http://connect.garmin.com

Dec 2012 2012
Count 40 Activities 323 Activities
Distance 521.88 km 4,713.15 km
Time 27:05:52 h:m:s 257:33:01 h:m:s
Elevation Gain 5,308 m 49,453 m
Avg Speed 19.3 km/h 18.3 km/h
Avg HR 138 bpm 139 bpm
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Bike Cadence
Calories 19,835 C 194,250 C

From http://mycyclinglog.com:

  • Progress: 97%
  • 5022.97 km at 19.04 km/h
  • A distance of 177.03 km remains.
  • At current average speed, 9.3 hours of ride time required.


2012-cycling-commute-visualisation by Adrian Tritschler, on Flickr

2013 cycling statistics

Here’s to 2013! Rather than monthly postings, I’ll update the following table each month:

Mon dst. YtD dst. YtD asc. Ytd Avg.spd
Jan 633.43km 633.43km 7298m 19.3km/hr
Feb 338.59km 972.02km 9582m 18.5km/hr
Mar 459.79km 1431.81km 14645m 18.2km/hr
Apr 417.41km 1849.23km 19200m 15.9km/hr
May 316.23km 2165.46km 21528m 15.4km/hr
Jun 300.93km 2466.38km 24436m 17.1km/h
Jul 329.64km 2796.03km 28083m 17.0km/hr
Aug 361.48km 3157.51km 31603m 16.0km/hr
Sep 310.49km 3468.00km 38840m 15.9km/hr
Oct 377.98km 3845.98km 38660m 15.9km/hr
Nov 366.67km 4212.66km 42970m 15.7km/hr
Dec 295.13km 4507.79km 46625m 15.9km/hr


So 4507km of a target of 5200km. That’s 86%. Worst target percentage for a few years.

Dropped off badly, for most of the year I was struggling with a near permanent pinched nerve in my neck that caused pins and needles in my right arm almost every time I rode. I’ve no idea what triggered it but it made almost every ride a slog and took a lot of fun out of it. Many trips to the physiotherapist, some stretches and holidays and it seems to be recovered by Christmas.

Number crunching on my Garmin tracks shows 220 days with “commute” in their name. A quick and dirty check of the work wall calendar and my diary says there were 247 work days in 2013, and I spent 24 days on leave and three days away sick. Bingo, all adds up. No trains. No buses. Full compliance!

2013-cycling-commute-visualisation by Adrian Tritschler, on Flickr

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