The email system at work is hosted by Google, with all the usual spam filtering and folders.

Up until the start of March 2013 I used to skim through the spam folder two or three times a week and check for false positives, of which they’d be one or two a month, rescue them and then I’d delete everything else. In late February and early March 2013 the amount of spam arriving every day and making it into the spam folder became ridiculous, it was impossible to process it so I’ve taken to ignoring it, but jotting down the number of items in the folder every day.

So here it is, the number of items in my spam folder, every day new ones arrive, every day gmail deletes anything that’s been in there for more than 30 days. It’ll keep on being updated and regenerated as long as I remember, since it’s only half automated at the moment.


Along the way I learnt to make non-ugly graphs with gnuplot(1)1, so it wasn’t all wasted effort.

Last update – [2017-10-28 Sat].