ajft.org 2015-01-28

Audax Alpine Classics

Last weekend up a Bright, someone asked how
many Audax Alpine Classics I've ridden, and what distances they

Astounding both myself and those around me, last Sunday I completed the 200km 2015 Australian Audax Alpine Classic. A couple of people asked how many I'd done and thinking about it I wasn't sure, at least two 200km versions, possibly a third, but I couldn't be sure. Time to check the backlog of paperwork, email, old journal entries and photos. Here's what I've found:

Table 1: Audax Alpine Classics
year distance notes
2016 200km AWOL again, 5 minutes faster than 2015
2015 200km Unfit me, but the AWOL cruised
2014 130km  
2013 140km  
2012 ??  
2011 ??  
2010 ??  
2009 ??  
2008 140km  
2007 130km on the tandem
2006 130km Entered 200, pulled out at 130
2005 85km on the tandem
2004 200km  
2003   event cancelled due to bushfires

Still a work in progress.