I thought it finally time to get out and go on an Audax Australia ride, even if it was only an introductory 50km event. So last [2017-02-28 Tue] I signed up for Ride along the planets and this morning made my way the half kilometer along the railway to the start at Hughesdale station. Of course I’d managed to get myself confused and was nearly on my way to Murrumbeena station before I spotted Robert standing around near the laundromat, stopped to check the email in my phone then quickly did a lap of the block and came back to join him and wait for the others.


ride: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18484555

Combining old railway routes and cycling, what more could I ask for! Following the outer circle railway from Hughesdale around to Fairfield, then beside river and parkland down to the city, back into the throng that is Saturday morning on Southbank – 10km/hr please, can’t have you nasty cyclists speeding, although a hundred pedestrians walk on the bike-only side of the crossing – then it was follow the light rail line down to the bay, head west a short distance to find the outer limit of the solar system, then turn and follow the planets all the way back to the sun at Point Ormond. Didn’t you know there was a scale model sculpture set of the planets around the bay? I can’t remember if I knew or not, I certainly can’t remember visiting them all. Shortly after we pass the sun we head inland, following the Elwood canal, then a short section of Glennhuntly road before taking the Rosstown Railway railtrail back to the start.

An enjoyable morning out with some new found companions, followed by a very decent coffee at Brew, just up the road from where I lived – in Rosella street – when I first moved to Melbourne all those years ago.

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/886665989


Woiworung/Boonworung country; Melbourne