Yet another static site generator, this one is written in golang and might do what I want. Is the tool my problem or my inability to get to grips with the tool and make it do what I want? I ran afoul of jekyll, I suspect because I never quite came to grips with how ruby worked and how to set up a reliably environment for it, but I was also floundering when I wanted to write some simple plugins or extensions.

I started looking at hugo in August 2015 and left it partially done while I fiddled around at the edges, then my interest waned and I let it sit fallow for most of 2016 and half of 2017. Time to “bite the bullock™” and “just make a mess of it™”. Break stuff and hopefully get around to fixing it later.

Although hugo takes markdown as its input, I’m still authoring my pages in Org mode, I then export them to markdown and let hugo chew on the results and spit out the static pages as a result.


  • [2017-07-31 Mon]: transferring all my “bookmarks” pages across it was interesting to see how many of the links were still valid (eg 2002-08-04 and which ones had succumbed to bit-rot (eg from 2001-05-22, It also gave some insight into what had been capturing my interest at the time.

Work outstanding

TODO get equations in 2010/03/15/org-jekyll to publish

So that displays inline equations.

TODO generate YYYY, MM and DD indexes for blog

So I can go to /2010 or /2010/03 or /2010/03/15 for example and see links to pages for that year, month or day.

STARTED review content to ensure compliance with $EMPLOYER “Social Media Policy”

IANAL, and my brain tends to emit steam when reading such documents. To some interpretations it could be that mentioning the existence of a Social Media Policy is itself a breach of the Social Media Policy. Stalinesque revisionism, coming up.

TODO Redo the redirects to work under hugo

Somehow I’ll have to replace the functionality of the YAML front-matter and jekyll plugin so that works, and so I can generate new redirects.

TODO fix embedded javascript/xml/gpx mapping data

At some stage I had a working embedded GPX/XML map in , fix it so it works again.