My efforts for the 2017 coffeeneuring challenge have been split into four small rides during my lunchbreak from work, and three longer rides.

The first two little rides in were, almost coincidentally, to the and then the , so I made a conscious effort to go with the intention of then heading west for the fourth1. Today in the morning I’d attended a lab walk-through for SensiLab at Monash Univeristy Caulfield campus, so although today’s coffee destination is west of my normal workplace, I was heading east when I got there.

Riding to work over the past decade I’d often go past this corner in the semi-industrial part of Huntingdale, an old corner petrol station has been turned into a coffee shop and takeaway – I suspect there’s many like it around Melbourne with the demise of the small old petrol stations. The sight of Cafe Five-O always has me humming the theme tune from Hawaii-Five-oh, or more likely, the Radio Birdman version. I’d picked the location about a week ago, intending to do my Friday lunchbreak escape and come here for a coffee, instead I called in on the ride between campuses, as usual, with no idea what to expect.

The usual small takeaway menu, with Vietnamese overtones. I picked a Vietnamese pork roll for my lunch, and a cappuccino for my coffeeneuring. All very tasty and I can tick off another place that for years I’d thought “must get around to going there some day.”

The bike sat outside on one side of the window, I sat inside on the other, I enjoyed my lunch and then it was time to go.

Thunderous looking clouds were rolling in from the north and north-west as I came outside and hopped on to ride the rest of the way to work, by about Dandenong road a few spots of rain started. Large drops, but widely space, it threatened to burst the rest of the way.

Six down, one to go…



Suburban Melbourne; Caulfield, Huntingdale, Clayton.


1 Despite all temptation to add another gratuitous music reference, here I said I’d be “heading west,” rather than that I would Go West.