On again, off again. My interest in OpenPhoto, which morphed into trovebox1 and then seems to have petered out due to lack of interest a couple of years ago. Amusing in a way, given that the entire project came into being due to concern that commercial photo hosting sites, eg flickr, can be ephemeral, and that hosting your photos on one loses some aspects of ownership. So a few years of enthusiasm in building an opensource replacement came and went and at the end of it, the majority of the commerical “free” photo hosting sites are still around.

A dumped thing of unknown purpose
Possibly a Karaoke Dumpling Toaster

Ideally, I prefer the concept of hosting my own photos and not being – potentially – held to ransom or subject to devasting loss if a photo hosting site decides to suddenly charge unreasonable amounts, or to close themselves. Realistically, there’s a fair amount of work in staying up to date and keeping my own hosting working, and the community and interactions that are present on the larger photo sites aren’t currently possible, or easily possible, across disjoing self-hosted sites.

End result? I think I’m still sitting on the fence.


1 https://github.com/photo/frontend