I’d bookmarked this one a few weeks ago, a tutorial on using MathJax to embed equations in pages. Some playing around and I found the correct level of escapes needed to get the MathJax code through the Org mode interpretation into the markdown intermediary, and then fed into hugo. The inline code in the Org mode source needs to be opened by two backslashes and a left brace, and then closed by two backslashes and and a right brace. If I’ve got his correct, then \(\sqrt{2}\) should appear.

Coming via https://math.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5020/mathjax-basic-tutorial-and-quick-reference, is some MathJax testing. Here’s an inline formula \(\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}\) which should be included inside the text. (I’m not sure what happens if I split the source across two lines). A stand alone equation is below:

$$\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$$

(which is display mode). \(\sqrt{x^5}\) should appear here.

Here are the first three Greek letters; α, β, γ … and the last, ω

When \(a \ne 0\), there are two solutions to \(ax^2 + bx + c = 0\) and they are $$x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.$$