Inspired by I thought I’d do a sweep across my open browser tabs – what’s there, and why. I tend to keep the number of open tabs to a minimum, anything banked up “for when I get around to it” is bookmarked in my notes.


  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • joindiaspora
  • Gmail
  • feedly
  • Google Keep
  • Slack


  • On The Road: A Spotify playlist from a YHA email that I thought I’d listen through. Clearly I’m getting old because I don’t recognise half of the artists or tracks
  • Strava Trophy Case: All the event/challenge badges I’ve participated in gathered together in one place. It’d be nice if I could export these, or include them somewhere else. Does anyone use Openbadges anywhere?
  • something has happened in the last month or two and I can’t login any more, I just get bounced around and around asking over and over for my account name. If I could ever log in I could see a couple of graphs from my home linux system
  • lovely visualisations and stats using the data from your (my) account
  • reading up on hugo so I can use it in a bit less of a cargo-cult/voodoo manner
  • checking up whether the indieweb “bookmark” markup could be applied to the myriad MLP pages in my blog
  • the trigger for this post, found by bouncing around through a few indieweb blogs