Watching a documentary this evening as Tony Robinson was walking “The Ridgeway” across southern England and passed through Avebury, the village ringed by standing stones. I have vivid memories of a TV series from when I was a child that was set in Avebury, it gave me nightmares for years. Checking up on Avebury in wikipedia and I find the series was Children of the Stones and that:

The series is today considered a landmark in quality children’s drama and has been called “the scariest programme ever made for children”

So no wonder!

Checking back through my notes it looks as though I could have detoured up to Avebury on [2001-06-05 Tue] on my ride from , but as my route was completely unplanned I had no idea how close it was. In replotting my route for that day I think I’ve found that what I wrote down as Pawsley was the town of Pewsey, so a minor edit was in order.