From my childhood memories – the big stack of “World of Wonder” magazines that I inherited from some family friends and that then gave me years of fascinating reading. I was reminded of them because of a slashdot story on towing icebergs from Antarctica to the middle east – which was the feature article in one of those magazines from the early 1970s! Now if only I could find a picture of that particular cover image.

World of Wonder, part 56 -- (c) Bear Alley

It’s interesting, browsing around through Google image search I can see a fair number of covers, only a small number I remember, conversely a few that I distinctly remember cannot be found. Towing icebergs, an insomniac who “cured himself” after he was run over by a train, the salvage of the Wasa… I wonder what else I can dredge up from the memories if I think about it.