My sixth ride of the eighth coffeeneuring challenge; tomorrow I’m off on “an event” which rules out my Saturday ride being counted as part of the challenge, so I snuck in a coffeeneuring coffee as my late lunch, going home early to work from home, and to do some secret chores.

Circumstances dictated that I had to collect kid from school, so an early ride home and then work from home was called for. Spouse’s birthday dictated secret shopping business, so a little more time and a small detour was required.

A late spring afternoon as I rode along the creek, the tangy smell of the last of the wattle blossoms tickling the nose. Follow the Scotchman’s Creek trail in as far as East Malvern, then straight up Malvern road dodging the Mercedes ladies as they drive along chatting on their phones. Disable tracking devices for shopping, return to Malvern road and spy a large sign hanging down stating “COFFEE” and take that as a clear indication of my next destination. I suspect from the appearance and name that “Where is Henry?” in Malvern is related to “Iron Henry” in Murrumbeena, but regardless, it was a good spot to stop and sit and sip – a long black and a croissant – I had the shop to myself and thoroughly enjoyed the break from a normal Friday afternoon routine.

Home was straight south along Tooronga road to Caulfield, make my way cautiously through throngs of Monash uni students walking to and fro across Sir John Monash Drive, ride down the narrow gravelly alley to the start of the Djerring trail then straight down the new bike path to home.

Only one more ride and the challenge is done… for this year.



Caulfield, Hughesdale, Malvern East, Malvern

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