For some reason there’s a row of these signs along Gardiner road on the power poles, midway between the footpath and road. Completely unclear what they mean. They’re a “bike lane” sign, with a bicycle symbol and a single word “Only” – implication is that bicycles are allowed to ride here, and only bicycles. But where is here?

The footpath is a footpath, under Victorian law it’s illegal to ride on it unless it’s been gazetted as a “shared path”, which this one is not. So “Bicycles Only” can’t be for the path.

The bike lane stops and starts and runs along the left of Gardiner road until Ferntree Gully road, but there are signs allowing parking in it for 21 hours of the day, with no parking allowed from 3-6 pm. So “Bicycles Only” can’t be for the bike lane.

Monash Council or VicRoads? Who knows. What does the sign mean? Who knows.

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