Sometime we had the side fence between our house and the neigbour’s replaced. We’ve no idea how old it was but it had been getting more and more dilapidated and finally started to fall over. We got a couple of quotes, OK’d it with the neighbour, and a recommended fencing tradesman came with his assistant and replaced it.

They started work in the morning at around 7.30 am and were finished, tidied up and gone by 3.30 pm. 30m of fence replaced.

Compare and contrast, we had a much shorter length – 9m – of fence replaced following the building works done as part of the Level Crossing removals…

In February last year the LXRA removed a thicket of cypress trees that formed a windbreak and thus hastened the demise of the fence on the other side of our house. A ten metre section fell over in July and after telling us they would remove it because it was obstructing their work and put up a temporary fence, they immediately built a replacement fence instead. Another third started falling over shortly afterwards, and after almost six months of phone calls and inspections they agreed to replace that third. Finally, last week the work started.

Four guys turned up on Thursday to remove the old fence. After a few hours they left, leaving protective bollards and a 2m high temporary chain-link fence. Then on Friday a crew of three turned up in one truck and a separate truck arrived to drop off a large post-hole digger and timber for uprights. A few hours later they left, we now had fenceposts concreted in. Nothing happened over the weekend. Monday morning and there’s a two man crew today, again a 7.30 start but we’ve no idea how long they stayed. The fence palings were nailed on for 95% of the length, leaving a few gaps around the corner post and the remaining palings neatly sitting on the ground. Tuesday, a two man crew again, the top of the fence has now been trimmed to the correct angle sloping down from shoulder height at the last post to waist height where it joins the front fence. Almost all of the remaining gaps are filled, but there’s still a one-picket gap at the front and a one-paling gap on the corner – with both picket and palings lying on the ground waiting to be attached. Wednesday, almost a week of “work” according to the calendar, two guys again. I think they’ve finally finished.

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The new fence made it to two weeks before being tagged
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