Going AWOL at the top of Teddy's Lookout

Escape for a couple of hours in the afternoon; out of the car port and straight down into town without time to warm up. Then ten kilometres of the climb up Benwerrin, I suspect it’s I’ll never surpass my quickest time up the climb. Turn left at the top and today there are no march flies, then there’s a quiet ten kilometres or so along the dirt road along the ridge. Pause for a photo at the corner of the road down towards Lorne and Erskine falls, then off past the Falls Festival site. Out onto the tar at the Falls turnoff and decide not to ride down there today – the climb back up from the car park is a killer. Always a lovely swooping descent for around ten kilometres back to town, then wind around the top of Lorne and visit Teddy’s lookout to see how many overseas tourists are up here today. Then down the dirt fire-trail to come out at the Queens Avenue caravan park and around the point to the Lorne pier for a beer and a chance to sit for a while. Beer over, back on the bike, off through town, up the hill and back to the house.

Relive ‘Lorne - Benwerrin- Mt Sabine - Erskine falls - Lorne’