Fantastic sunny Sunday so number one son and I went out for a ride, north through Oakleigh to Scotchman’s creek and then along to the Huntingdale Wetlands. Some fun zooming around on the gravel road and slippery mud single track and then stopped to watch the pukeko1 and work out where next…

He suggested checking for nearby geocaches and I was suprised to find that we were within 50m of one! Apart from an initial overshoot that had us up on the road around the park, GC867W2 – “A Berocca a Day…” – was an easy quick find. A bit damp inside, thankfully it held a pencil since we had no pen with us and I managed to sign the log without tearing it, then closed it up and replaced it in its hiding spot.

Geocache GC867W2 at Huntingdale Wetlands

Then back around to the south side of the creek, across Stanley avenue and turn off on to the path less taken to look for GC3A26F – “The Path Less Taken”. This is probably my third attempt to locate this one, once again without success. The hint specifies a certain kind of object and there are many of them about, and down along the creek under the trees I find the GPS on my phone jumps about all over the place, alternating between putting us within 2m of the target and then 700m away! One find, one DNF.

Retrace our route to Stanley avenue and cross to the south side, then back along the other side of the creek through the park seeking GC2EDD7 – “Stanley Avenue” – we’d been in the area a and searched without success. Today the eagle eyes of number one son were more successful and the “200ml Sistema painted white” was located, err, painted black. The log book was full and luckily this one also held a pencil as we’d neglected to bring one, so a short log entry on the inside cover, an electronic message to the cache owner and back on our way home.

Going AWOL going geocaching

Two out of three found, reasonably successful, so we adjourned back to the local bar for a beer and a lemonade and a card game – a close fought game of Exploding Kittens – then made our way home satisfied with a fun afternoon out.


1 Yes I know they’re not called that here in Australia, but the name just rolls off the tongue so much more easily than Eastern Swamphen, Australasian Swamphen, or Purple Swamphen.

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