There are a few low bridges around Melbourne that people periodically manage to drive trucks into, these are inevitably reported in the news and people usually react by shaking their collective heads and asking themselves, “How on earth can you just drive into a bridge?” Well, I can’t answer for all of them but here’s an example of how some of them occur:

Yesterday my son and I were standing in the bus interchange at Chadstone and heard a massive bang/clang.

We turned and watched as a small (2 tonne?) boxy truck drove into the “don’t drive into me” “low headroom” steel bar before the car park. This is of course, designed to attract attention to the fact that if you hit this, you WILL hit the concrete roof 1-2m further up the road.

The driver stuck his head out, looked up, then drove slowly forwards.

BANG HISS WOOSH he ripped what I can assume is the fire-extinguisher water pipe system off the underside of the roof and started a massive flood of water spraying everywhere. He then drove slowly forwards through the waterfall.

SCREECH BANG, a few metres on he ripped the illuminated signs off the roof that tell everyone how many empty parking spots there are. He paused. He then drove slowly forwards.

SCREECH BANG, another few metres on he ripped the next lot of illuminated signs of the roof.

At this point my son looked at me and said “What a complete muppet”, the lights changed and we crossed the road, leaving him to his devastation and small truck embedded inside the Chadstone car park

Sadly I was too far away to get any decent photos, and didn’t feel like being enough of a busybody to run back and immortalise this idiot’s driving.