Being one of those people who never tends to throw anything out, over the years I’ve kept far too many receipts, printouts and old pieces of paper. Periodically I get the urge to purge, I’ll round up some related paperwork and scan it then shred it. Last weekend I found a bunch of receipts of my Amiga 1000 from 1986 onwards. Ouch. What a lot of money it seems! I wonder what happened to my old A1000, I can’t remember who I sold it to or how. Can you kids nowadays imaging spending almost $700 on a 52MB hard drive! #getoffmylawn

date item price $AU
[1986-04-28 Mon] Amiga1000+monitor 2495.00
[1986-04-28 Mon] 10x 3.5 floppy 96.00
[1987-08-06 Thu] 1MEG RAM 590.00
[1989-12-07 Thu] phoenix deposit 100.00
[1991-04-15 Mon] Phoenix board 428.00
[1991-04-15 Mon] SCSI port 85.00
[1991-04-15 Mon] 52MB Quantum HD 699.00

There you have it; my PAL 512MB Amiga 1000 and the first eye-wateringly expensive box of 3.5” disks. Then an upgrade to 1.5MB of RAM. Two and and half years later an upgrade to the Phoenix board replacement motherboard, a SCSI disk controller and my first hard disk. I dread to think what $4.5k translates to in today’s dollars.