Catching up after a week away, I’ve missed a week but completed my third ride.

Sunday afternoon and out for a ride; off to the east along the Djerring trail, then under the Eastern Freeway and south along the paths besides the creek all the way down to the bay. Abundant birdlife all the way, a couple of rabbits, and one surprised fox racing off into the reeds as I passed. Then out onto Beach road at the mouth of the Patterson river, turn right and head up along the bay while dark and rainy clouds approached from the west. Coffee break at “The Colonel’s Son” in Blackrock – somewhere I’ve not visited before – one of my intended additional coffeeneuring coffee rules for the year, to ride for coffees at new locations if I can. A large sticky slab of carrot cake and a cappuccino, slightly interrupted by the arrival of the rain and a need to relocate from an outside table to inside.

2019 Coffeeneuring no. 3 -- Sunday loop
2019 Coffeeneuring no. 3 -- Sunday loop

The rain eased off but never completely stopped, so it was a damp and gritty ride the rest of the way up the bay to St Kilda, then east back through the suburbs to home, riding along one of the proposed routes for the Glen Eira bike corridor… but that’s another story.


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