A long weekend down at Lorne, an afternoon out along the Great Ocean Road. I’m over half way through for 2019.

Road riding options from Lorne are somewhat limited; its either along the coast one way, towards Wye River, along the coast the other way to Aireys Inlet, or inland to Deans Marsh. Today it was fifty kilometres or so, south-west along the Great Ocean Road through Wye River and on to Kennet River, stop for a coffee at the Kafe Koala, then retrace my route back to Lorne.

Heavy rain half an hour before I set out, but surprisingly I ended up staying dry the entire time, just warm and steamy with swarms of insects and birds out above the wet roads. Not really on a bird watching trip, but paying attention to what I saw; three Gang gang cockatoos, two types of honeyeaters, three if you include the wattlebirds. Currawongs calling, magpies, black cormorants & blue wrens & lots of crimson rosellas.

2019 Coffeeneuring no. 4 -- Kennet river koffee
2019 Coffeeneuring no. 4 -- Kennet river koffee

I had to break one of my additional coffeeneuring coffee rules for the year, my wish to visit new coffee shops clashed with there only being the one cafe at Kennet River. A quiet sit outside with a short macciatto while the minibuses full of Chinese tourists drive in and out of the car park, all the while listening to the complaints from a woman staying at the caravan park about the Chinese tourists, their driving, and general behaviour.

Back on the bike, back towards Lorne, most of the drivers well behaved, but as usual, one or two who are either spending too much time staring at the scenery, or too unfamiliar with the widths of their (hire) cars as they pass cyclists on a narrow road.

Four coffeeneuring coffees down, we’re over half-way there.


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