Two rides in a row, two days apart, acceptably within the bounds of the rules.

Unlike , today I left Lorne on the Great Ocean Road to the north-east, off towards Aireys Inlet and the Split Point Lighthouse.

Out of town, a few kilometres of flat coast road then up Big Hill and into the steeper forest sections, winding and twisting. Up and over Cinema point and down to Eastern view and back to flat coastal road and eventually, to pass under the arch that marks the official start of the Great Ocean Road. A bit further on and reach Moggs Creek, then turn inland up the Old Coach Road for a quiet gravel road around the back of the hill through the bush, then back alongside the creek and in to Aireys Inlet half-way through the town. Circling overhead for much of the time were a magnificent pair of Wedge-tailed eagles. Rejoin the Great Ocean Road – the main road through town, turn left, up the hill past the pub and pick a random cafe, unfortunately I lucked upon a juniour barista either inexperienced on unenthused and got a pretty poor coffee, however, it was sufficient for a coffeeneuring coffee and so I shall count it as a learning experience.

2019 Coffeeneuring no. 5 -- Lorne to Aireys inlet
2019 Coffeeneuring no. 5 -- Lorne to Aireys inlet

After my coffee I made a mandatory visit to the lighthouse and the Eagle rock lookout – then half-rode, half-walked the path to the car park before coming out of the shelter of the scrub into a solid headwind and riding back into it the whole way to Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. Another coffee, another 41km, 5 down, 2 to go…


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