In a week of riding along the for our first “overseas family bike touring holiday” we drank at least one decent coffee a day that would qualify, for clarity, here’s the one I chose to be number seven of this year’s challenge.

There was a coffee on day one, but I was too busy enjoying it to take a coffeeneuring photo. Day two of our mini bike tour was from Omakau to Wedderburn, with the morning tea stop coming early at Lauder. Sunny and starting out warm, we found a spot in the sun on the café balcony and sat down to enjoy our drinks – caffe latte for Jo and I, an iced chocolate for number one son. Halfway through the iced coffee the clouds rolled in, a cold wind sprang up and it started to rain leading to immediate regrets that it was an iced chocolate not a hot chocolate! On the coffee front it was another case of what we seem to have found to be a New Zealand oddity – if you order a “flat white” you seem to get a fairly consistent coffee, order a “caffe latte” and all bets are off. Half the time people look at you funny and ask “Huh?” since all they know is “a latte” and they don’t know what this funny “caffe” word means, the rest of the time you can get a wide variation of sizes, temperatures, vessels and milk preparations. Today’s was a little odd, but perfectly satisfying break about 7.5km into the morning’s ride.

Otago Central Rail Trail - day 2 - Omakau to Wedderburn
Otago Central Rail Trail - day 2 - Omakau to Wedderburn

So that’s it, seven coffees in seven weeks on seven rides to seven places. Challenge completed!


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