Now how does that work? Two weeks ago, on , I rode from Lorne to Waurn Ponds to catch the train back to Melbourne. I had a tailwind, I felt good, I thought I made good time and having left at 2 pm I got to Waurn Ponds in time to get straight on the 4.38 pm train. Two days ago I repeated the exercise, legs felt like lead, I had a bruise on my thigh from a small stupidity in the main street of Lorne, didn’t really put any effort in and wasn’t that fussed at how quickly I got to Waurn Ponds because I knew I’d have to wait around for the 5.15 pm train.

Date dst(km) time Strava
[2020-01-01 Wed] 57.30 02:28:25
[2020-01-12 Sun] 57.15 02:27:15

So much for intuition and perception! What I thought was my slower ride was the faster; 70s shorter in moving time, four minutes less elapsed time.

At least both times I saw an interesting raptor; there was a Wedge-tailed eagle being mobbed by currawongs on New Years Day at Cinema point, and a pair of shrieking small hawks spiralling around above me on the outskirts of Anglesea on Sunday.