A cold windy wintery day, stuck inside being good little socially-isolated folk, what better task than of purging the ancient folders of papers, photocopies, ephemera and treasure…

More old photocopies of electronics and computing hardware projects that I never screwed up the courage – or the money – to tackle.

First find from the folder, not necessarily in order I collected the articles, just order I’m uncovering, one of many single-board computers or bus-based systems that I daydreamed about building over the years:

Interestingly enough, along the way to locating online PDF versions of the magazines, I stumbled on https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Wireless_World_Magazine.htm which states that:

Wireless World Magazine was a British electronics journal. It began in 1911 as the Marconigraph. In April, 1913 it became Wireless World and was issued continuously under this name until 1986 when it became Electronics & Wireless World.

I think they’d better check their dates, those 1985 copies of mine are definitely titled Electronics & Wireless World.

A divergence into “smarthome” power controlling:

Then a whole series of articles on the SC84 Microcomputer, a bus-based Z80 system that I really wanted, but never worked up the courage to get started on:

I also seem to have a photocopy of the three circuitboard overlays, the MCOS Listing version 1.01 and the display’s character ROM version 1.00 – I suspect that some time in 1984 or ‘85 I must have written away for more information on the system.

Followed by part 2 of an article, again Electronics & Wireless World:

  • High-speed interface/buffer 2, J.F. van der Walle. Electronics & Wireless World, April 1986, pp41-43. Did I ever have part 1 (March 1986, pp71-73) in my folders of old paperwork? Did I stumble on the article and was unable to back-track find part 1, or was I just too much of a cheapskate to photocopy the first part? I suspect it may have even been related to design work for a project in university.

Another favourite from that time was Steve Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar column in BYTE magazine, although again I never built any of the projects, just collected the ones that I would have liked to build.

  • Adding SCSI to the SB180 Computer – Part 1: Introduction, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, May 1986, pp85-94
  • Adding SCSI to the SB180 Computer – Part 2: Bus Phases, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, June 1986, pp107-114
  • Build the Circuit Cellar IC Tester – Part 1: Hardware, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, November 1987, pp303-313
  • Build the Circuit Cellar IC Tester – Part 2: Software and Operation, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, December 1987, pp283-289
  • The BCC180 Multitasking Controller – Part 1: The Hardware, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, January 1988, pp271-280
  • The BCC180 Multitasking Controller – Part 2: EPROMs and Compilers, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, February 1988, pp259-
  • The SmartSpooler – Part 1: The Spooler Hardware, Steve Ciarcia, BYTE Magazine, April 1988, pp263-270.

There you go, enough for today. Another archive box partly emptied. A good few kilograms of ancient paper tipped in the recycling bin – along the way a few large folders of old course notes – mostly Novell CNE and ITIL – were hurled without needing much of a mention.