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Information about bikes I have owned, places I have been, and other cycling related material that I've found useful.

My Bicycles

Retreating back further and further into the mists of time, the bikes I have owned are:

2011— Mallet singlespeed
2010— Cannondale R800 roadie
2003— Trek T50 tandem
1996— Norky Bike MTB
1991—1996 Spotty Bike MTB, destroyed
1991—2009 Peugeot Aspin roadie, damaged, unrideable 2009-Oct-28
1983—1990 Apollo III roadie, stolen.
1979—1983 Apollo II roadie, stolen.
1976—1982 26" Oxford 3spd 26" 3spd, sold.
1974—1976 Cyclops Dragster dragster, stolen.

Rides and Tours

Uh oh, I busted what I had here. Some parts of this website are not working as I would like.



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