One of the bicycles I’ve owned over the years.

What is it?

A Norco Java mountain bike that doesn’t spend much of it’s life off road. Instead it gets used most days for commuting, touring, or just having fun. As befits the successor to Spotty Bike it is covered in spots, originally applied by a group of my friends one night on tour when they decided that it just didn’t look right without them.

Purchased from Ashburton Cycles in Ashburton, Melbourne in following the demise of Spotty bike, and delivered in . It was end-of-model time, so I got a reasonable deal, with a mix of LX and XT parts, and XTR brakes because they were the only ones available.

A bit like grandfather’s axe, various parts have been replaced over the years: Rockshox SID SL forks replaced the Manitou Mach Vs and in turn were replaced by a pair of which in turn where replaced (unneccessarily I believe) by Rockshox TORAs when only headset bearings were needed. A split rim while touring meant the purchase of an , then replacements.

Where has it been?

Inside Australia: Victoria, NSW, ACT, Tasmania and South Australia.

Overseas: New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, England, Jersey, France, Switzerland and Italy.