Here’s what I’m working on now, in no particular order, and mostly personal not professional. Inspired by a permanent desire to tinker with this site and the ideas in a few of the /now pages I’ve come across, see

Last updated 2019-08-01 Thu, the challenge will be to keep it updated.

Now now

  • pulling all of this website into a single cohesive whole under orgmode and hugo, and…
  • making it all indieweb compliant
  • dealing with 1000+ individual photo pages
  • rethinking much of my social-media use and reliance on cloud services and pulling things back home

Now later

  • early planning of kitchen, bathroom, laundry rebuild

Now always

  • cycling every day, if not far, then at least often
  • not giving up on shoulder physio. exercises
  • revisiting YA books as recommended by number one son