So far I’ve used the following cameras (reverse chronological order):

Samsung Galaxy S6

The wheels of the bureaucracy ground on, and so after a specified passage of time, the S3 was replaced by an S6

Samsung Galaxy S3

For reasons involving a high degree of bureaucratic financing, all the phones at work were replaced with new ones in order to save us money. I had the choice of an iPhone 5 or the S3 and thought it time for a change. Once again, it’s the camera I have on me most of the time, and with the steady marching of Moore’s law, the image quality just keeps getting better.

iPhone 4

Courtesy of my employer, just like the Nokia. Like many people it ended up replacing the point-and-shoot for many of my photographs simply because it was what I had on me at the time.

Nokia 6233

Ugh, a camera-phone. Not even really a “camera-phone”, but a phone with a camera in it. Sometimes its the only thing I’ve got on me and as a result I’ll take a photo with it. Sometimes I take a photo with it just to see whether I can coerce it into taking half-way decent photos.

Canon Digital IXUS 700

A combination of the slow speed of the IXUS 300, and the loss of its zoom buttons due to a bicycle crash had me thinking of a new camera. This was compounded by a severe case of camera envy when my uncle visited with a 700. Smaller, much faster, lighter and probably a bit more expensive. Again I’ve enjoyed the latest IXUS, but unfortunately a jammed lens mechanism and the service I’ve got from Canon Australia have left a bad taste and I’ll be wary of the brand from now on.

Canon Digital IXUS 300

A combination of the cost of running the Elph, but the love of its size, resulted in me purchasing this digital camera. The IXUS 300 is a few millimetres thicker than the Elph, but just manages to squeeze into the carry case and will fit inside a pocket. Now I’ve got no excuse for the quality of the photo scans, its all up to the skill of the photographer.

Canon Elph

I love it, at last a camera that’s small enough that I actually carry it around! Despite the lies of the salesman, the APS film is expensive (about $10AU a roll of 25), as is the processing (about 50c per print). If I can get access to an APS film scanner I could get much better quality scans, until then I’m relying on the photo scanner at work.

Assorted Disposable 35mm

For the use I make of them, these are nearly ideal. They’re cheap, take reasonable photos, and I don’t have to worry about accidently destroying the camera by taking it swimming or camping.

35mm Compact*

Not small enough, so it spent most of it’s life sitting at home on the bookshelf. Eventually I had it with me when I crashed my mountain bike into a river, it wasn’t waterproof and so it died.

Fujica SLR

Probably a cheap SLR, I can’t remember. I bought it when I was 16 and going overseas. It lasted about 10 years and then stopped cocking the shutter. When I tried to get it fixed I was quoted more money to just examine it than I’d paid to buy it!

Last update – [2017-06-25 Sun].