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  1. 374-343_22

    Adrian and Jamie test the beer-drinking seat

  2. 647-548_39

    Me with my arm in a sling at Coffs Harbour

  3. 647-548_36

    Self portrait in hospital, note the drug-crazed smile

  4. 647-548_25

    Mt Warning trig point in the mist, no view today!

  5. 647-548_24

    A mouth full of jelly snakes at the top of Mt Warning

  6. 374-343_09

    Aren't you a bit skinny to be a storm trooper?

  7. 647-551_10

    Adrian, snoozing in tent on the 2000 RTA Big Ride

  8. 647-551_15

    Tracey and Adrian with arm in a sling

  9. 700-204_18

    Boris and I on the couch

  10. Why ajft?