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  1. 2018-06-30T16.36.40_samsung

    The new Hughesdale railway, still under construction

  2. 2018-06-23T08.19.22_samsung

    R707 steams through Hughesdale at the head of the Snow Train

  3. 647-548_04

    The dreaded under-chin self-portrait in the limo

  4. 866-142_40

    The garden, one year on

  5. 866-142_39

    Jo and I relaxing after lunch

  6. 866-142_38

    Jo surrounded by grass tree flower spikes

  7. 866-142_37

    The old telegraph line

  8. 866-142_36

    Nothing south of here but Bass strait and Tasmania

  9. 866-142_34

    Wilson's Prom lighthouse

  10. 866-142_33

    First view of Wilson's prom lighthouse