Thu, 12 Oct 2006

35°C in October? // at 23:59

Whoa, we're definitely getting hot around here. The temperature is 35°C and still only in October, we're in for a very hot summer.

Hot, damn hot... as it says in the classics. Not just hot either, gusty, blustery dry and dusty northerly winds as well, the kind of winds that blast a cyclist back and forth across there-quarters of a lane while filling his eyes with grit. The kind of wind that for the second day in a row rips a great branch off the Callistemon in the front garden. I guess it solves the dilemma of how we prune it, and how much we remove!

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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Hairy caterpillers drive man mad // at 18:00

Argh, the itching, the itching!

The peppermint gum in the back garden is full of the little hairy caterpillers again. The honeyeaters are happy, but the gardener is not. I didn't find out until I was half under the tree, doing battle with almost knee-high grass armed only with the hand-powered mower. I'm now covered in itchy welts where caterpillers either fell down my shirt, or prickled me through my shirt and its driving me crazy!


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