Tue, 12 Dec 2006

Bizarre goat news // at 23:59

Melbourne's little paper outdoes itself today, with a headline and article reading:

Military goat toll mounts

THE total number of goats killed after experiments by British military scientists since 2001 stands at 69, the Ministry of Defence said today.


Ministry of Defence scientists use goats in the tests because, it is claimed, their reactions are similar to those of humans.

Hmm.... maybe some of the website application developers should use goats for testing their user-interfaces before releasing the applications on us at work.

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Fri, 11 Aug 2006

Magnificent headline of the day // at 00:00

Courtesy of The Register:

Welshman in 12 pint cider binge goat death ride


Myles' defence asked: "Did you know you had a goat with you and did you have any intention of driving the vehicle on the road?" Myles replied: "No."


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