Mon, 29 Mar 2010

Fish in a barrel // at 16:00

OK, OK, so picking on the little paper is like shooting fish in a barrel... but surely sometime, somewhere, somehow, they could employ a high-school graduate or even a monkey from the zoo to proof-read these stories before they publish them:

...It lasted another 5km until the alleged driver and her teenage passengers finally abandoned the car when the tyre came completely away from the rim and made a run for it.

Don't you just hate it when the tyre comes off the rim and makes a run for it?

Or maybe:

A MAN dressed in camouflage used an archery-style bow to fire a steel-tipped hunting arrow...

Wow, amazing, just think he used a bow to fire an arrow! Extra points if you can think of absolutely anything else that the Herald Sun think you can fire an arrow from... perhaps a kazoo, or a mickey-mouse watch.


Mon, 19 Feb 2007

What the? // at 23:59

Freeway crash leaves one dead

from The Age News Headlines

One person dies and three others injured after a car strikes a tree on the Tullamarine Freeway.

What the? Bloody dangerous roads those freeways, trees sticking out the middle of them for motorists to just drive into. Is there going to be an investigation into why there is a tree on the freeway? I guess its a change from people driving into each other, picking on the trees for a change....

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