Fri, 29 Sep 2006

Around again — Software update merrygoround! // at 00:00

Seems that Apple have actually noticed that the iTunes 7.0 update from a fortnight ago doesn't work so well! Updates today to iTunes 7.0.1 and 1.0.7. Now if only the damnable Quicktime installer wouldn't insist on ignoring my preferences every bloody time the bloody thing is updated or installed and re-enabling the system tray icon!

I haven't discovered yet whether it fixes the w-w-w-warbling and g-g-g-garbled music....

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Fri, 15 Sep 2006

Software update circus // at 23:59

Another whirl of the software upgrade merry-go-round on the Windows laptop today: Firefox quietly downloaded and installed, but after restarting, the Google Browser Sync. plugin didn't reload all my tabs so I lost something I was reading. iTunes asked and I consented, and so version six point something was replaced by, but then all my music started sounding all w-w-w-warbly and g-g-g-garbled. Plugins it is, the plugin was at fault, so out it went and in came the newer for Microsoft Windows. At least the latest revision of the Garmin Web Updater seems to have gone in without a problem....

Revisited 2006-09-18: Seems that my iTunes problem doesn't go away by disabling the plugin. The latest version is a major step backwards for me and the slightest bit of activity by any other application and it warbles and stutters. Followed all the recommendations on configuring Quicktime to no avail. I guess I just wait for iTunes version 7.0.1....

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