Information about bikes I have owned, places I have been, and other cycling related material that I’ve found useful.

My Bicycles

Retreating back further and further into the mists of time, the bikes I have owned are:

When What
2014— Specialized AWOL 29er offroad tourer
2011— Mallet singlespeed
2010— Cannondale R800 roadie
2003— Trek T50 tandem
1996— Thing, Spotty II MTB frame, not yet built up
1996— Norky Bike MTB, retired 2014
1991—1996 Spotty Bike MTB, destroyed
1991—2009 Peugeot Aspin roadie, damaged, unrideable
1983—1990 Apollo III roadie, stolen.
1979—1983 Apollo II roadie, stolen.
1976—1982 26” Oxford 3spd 26” 3spd, sold.
1974—1976 Cyclops Dragster dragster, stolen.

Rides and Tours

Uh oh, I busted what I had here. Some parts of this website are not working as I would like.



  • Airlines: my experiences when flying with bicycles
  • Commutes: A writeup of commuting from or to Monash University