Taxi driver swears, swerves and tries to hit me

Commuting to work along Dandenong road, I had just reached a section where the road widens from 3 to 5 lanes — the intersection with Warrigal road — with the addition of two left-turn lanes. I was moving into the rightmost of these (since it was also allowed to go straight ahead, while the left-most is left-turn only) when a Taxi, Victorian registration M####, blasted on its horn, and as the driver went past on my left, swerved at me and swung his fist out the window to try and punch me. The taxi, complete with two passengers, then turned left down Warrigal road. The whole time the driver was yelling and swearing out the window, but due to his accent or language I couldn’t tell what he was saying.

At the next major intersection (Huntingdale road), the now empty taxi was in the right-most of three lanes, and after the lights changed, he saw me and swerved from the right to the centre lane, then was about to change into the left lane (where I was) when a truck came between us. He sped off.

At the next major intersection (Clayton road), I left Dandenong road to ride along the access road past the shops, the taxi was stopped, and as I rode past, the driver looked up, saw me, and threw a lit cigarette at me.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.