Brr! Another frosty morning, and a very cold ride to work. Almost reminded me of Canberra.


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Received an interesting email today. In I read a number of papers on possible future operating systems, all published by Microsoft. All were hosted on the website and all are publicly viewable and all have the authors’ names displayed. Today I received an email telling me to remove the reference, even though I had not included their email address, and was linking to a publicly available page that can be found via any search engine.

Just as it would be rude to post someone’s telephone number on the web without their permission, you should not post their email address without their permission — especially not in a form that can be read by a spider. Please remove my name from that page.

I never did “post the email address” only the person’s name. Oh well, I’ve removed the person’s name, as per the request. Pretty much what I expect from a Microsoft mentality.

Tour de France

Fascinating level of coverage of the Tour de France in The Age though. The race started on Sunday and there was nothing, Monday… nothing, Tuesday, a sixth of a page because the Aussies appeared in the placings. All of sudden, today there is a full page spread since all four are in the top thirty places! I wonder when they’ll realise that they can cover world class sports when there are no Australians winning them.