Yesterday’s events must have shaken me a little more than I realised. Couldn’t get to sleep until well after 2 am, being chased by a nutter in a car kept replaying over and over in my head.

But so far so good… One successful pass along Cole crescent this morning without running into ’s road rager. I still can’t make up my mind whether to try and pursue it with the police. I get the impression that all it’ll take is for Mr Petrol-head to say “nah mate, I didn’t do it” and nothing will happen. Sent off an email to Bicycle Victoria to see what their legal advocacy says.

On the urging of Bicycle Victoria, I detoured around to Oakleigh police station on the way home. BV had highly recommend that I report it to the police, and to contact them if nothing comes of this. Nothing very impressive in the police response, my description of the events evoked the reply “we can’t do anything about a guy swearing at you.” I made the comments that he had threatened to injure me, had appeared to be attempting to injure me, and that I was concerned that he would do so again as I had to ride along that street every day to and from work. The officer promised to phone him up and hear the other side to the story.

Then surprise, surprise… the quickest way back home is to go on down Drummond street, around into Cole crescent, up onto the bike track and off to the west. Who should I meet as I turn into Cole crescent but a white station wagon, same number plate, I might have got the make of car wrong though, tearing up the road and howling around the corner to head back the way I’d just come. As he passed I got a filthy look out the window, not sure if he recognised me or just does that to all cyclists…

Maybe my gravestone will end up with a list of number plates written on it. Maybe then the police will be able to do something.